DreadOut Movie Trailer released

Hi everyone,
As you might already known, Indonesia isn’t famous for producing a video game titles, even less being adapted into a live action movie.
So, today we would like to inform you, our first foray into video games movie adaptation based from our game DreadOut, will be release in Indonesia’s cinema on January 2019. As for worldwide distribution would be announced later after our release on locals cinema nationwide.

Without further ado here is our Trailer of DreadOut Movie and press release regarding DreadOut Movie as well:

DreadOut Movie is the first live action adaptation based from Indonesian survival horror game DreadOut developed by Digital Happiness, an indie game developer from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. An international collaboration project between Indonesia, Korea, and Japan.

Even without being labelled as direct adaptation from the game, DreadOut movie will still maintaining the basic concept of survival horror in original DreadOut game and further deepen the lores behind Dread universe, also set as prequel of the main story in DreadOut game as well.

DreadOut movie is produced under goodhouse id production company. Directed by Kimo Stamboel from the producer of recent Netflix’s The Night comes for us (2018), and famously directed Headshot (2016), Killers (2014) and Macabre (2013) as The Mo brothers. In association with CJ Entertainment, Sky Media, Lyto Games and Nimpuna sinema.

Digital Happiness