DreadHaunt Demo Available Now

Hi everyone,

DreadHaunt is our first foray into the online horror multiplayer genre, we are very thrilled to hear what you guys think of our current alpha build Demo. The Demo itself will only available from today until June 20th. The feedback from all of you will be considered and implemented in the final product.

DreadHaunt will not be released as free to play game, but instead will be a fully released game with decent enough content to keep us all busy 🙂

As the development is still in progress, we will continue to improve the final product based on input and suggestions from the community along the way.

After the final product is released, and If the community responds well, we are committed to releasing more content with more game modes, levels, and characters under future DLCs or seasonal passes.

Please consider joining our community for more information and updates.
Appreciate for all of your support.

Much love,
Digital Happiness