DreadHaunt Is Now On Early Access!

After long preparation and consideration, we’re excited to announce that DreadHaunt is now available as Early Access on Steam. With your friends or random people, survive the haunting in this multiplayer Co-op & PVP about horror and deception!

DreadHaunt is our first foray into the online horror multiplayer genre. We believe that Early Access will enable us to develop the game further with your feedback. Although, it also means we’re starting the release sooner than our other titles. So if you found any bugs, glitches, and annoyances throughout your journey, it would mean so much if you shared it with us. We invite you to make DreadHaunt a better experience for you, Agent.

Since the last playtest, we gathered valuable data and feedback from you. From that, we made tweaks, optimizations, and polishing throughout the entire game. Which are:

New Cards System

The “cards” represent several gameplay modifiers that you can equip and select at the start of every session. Try it out yourself!

More Polished Game Assets

Compared to the alpha days, game assets such as props and characters have gone through extensive polishing. We’ll polish and add more eye-catching assets as time goes.

More Tweaks, Here and There

We listened to feedback regarding balancing and will continue to do it as more and more people have a try at DreadHaunt.

As seen on the Steam page, here are answers to questions regarding DreadHaunt’s Early Access Release:

Why Early Access?

*“We aim to make a unique horror multiplayer game that can be a playground for everyone, both players and us developers. At this stage, we need player feedback and involvement to help us further shape the game.*

*With our decade experience shipping 4 horror titles, we realize that having players involved at this stage would be crucial to shaping this game even better, rather than if kept development internally.”*

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

*“Our current plan is to release the game in Q1 2024, however depending on the player’s feedback and community suggestions it may change, and we will leave Early Access when we are certain that we can deliver the best version of the game.”*

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

*“In addition to bug fixes, improvement, and balancing the core gameplay, we plan to add a lot more content to the game. This includes more gameplay Modes (Solo and Single Player), characters, maps, Spectro/ghosts, lore, and much other content that we may get from community feedback.”*

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

*“The current build provides players with 6 Characters to choose from, 2 Spectro to choose from, 1 map, 1 gameplay mode, 10 game modifiers cards, 10 customizable emotes and comms, and saving XP that will be useful for the full release. With the XP saved during Early Access, players that were already involved at the Early access would be rewarded at the full release, as a token of appreciation from us”*

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

*“The price will not change during early access however we plan to raise the price upon release.”*

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

*“We will be pooling all the feedback and suggestions from the Steam community, Discord server, and across our social media. Depending on the reception, we may include voting on future content with the community to decide which one will be included in the next iteration. Private betas will be also considered to be offered to the community and can influence the future shape of the game.”*

Stay safe, spread the message, and let’s restore humanity.

– Digital Happiness